Sunday, November 30, 2008

Preventative Health: Healthy Eating Tips

Have you taken an honest look at your current diet? Would you consider yourself a healthy eater or someone who eats on the run without analyzing? This is an important issue to address. In the US there is so much obesity but even among people at normal weight, the food choices are not always the best. The thing is fatty foods do taste good. But the problem is we get used to having tons of melted cheese on veggies and then we can't eat them at all without cheese! Even salads people add tons of calories to by adding so many croutons as well as fatty dressings. We get so used to fatty foods and sugar that we can't appreciate foods that are more subtle.

The thing is that you don't have to just eat plain brown rice and kale to eat well. You can still eat foods and give them taste. For instance, for Thanksgiving I made a soup that everyone loved. It had butternut squash, apple,onion and chicken broth. I also added curry powder. It was low fat and very tasty. It didn't need melted cheese. (By the way if you really have to melt cheese you can get no fat or low fat cheeses).

Another tasty food that you can have is to make oatmeal in morning but add in toasted almonds, raisins and pieces of apple. This tastes very good and the raisins supply sweetness. You don't need an omlette every morning of 2 eggs and tons of cheese in it.

I saw a therapy client last week who's 14 year old son is going to the hospital for surgery due to gallstones. He lives on high fat she said and actually gets sick if he eats veggies. This is just one danger of a poor diet. Eating well will cut back on your doctor's visits. Remember though you can get a plan with low payments and a high deductible but please get something. She luckily has insurance for her son through his dad, but since she's divorced, she has no insurance for herself. This was a good reminder for her though to get some as the stress in her life is high and her mom had a stroke 5 years older than her current age. You can get a Free Quote for Health Insurance

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Take Care of Yourself to Cut Down on Health Problems

It's important to have health insurance for unexpected situations, but remember that every day you can take steps to build your health. You are precious and should not let the whirlwind of life make you forget getting rest, taking time for yourself and eating good foods. Sometimes we say we'll wait till the weekend or wait till vacation, but the work week is stressful so you need to take care of yourself too during that time. Don't hold your breath waiting for the weekend for sleep, healthy food and self-pampering.

If you are busy during the week, try to take a 20 minute walk some part of the day. It could be at lunch at work or after dinner but try to get that in. Also pack a couple of pieces of fruit to school or work. Take 10 minutes and meditate to get your mind quieter and less caught up in the daily melodramas. This helps to keep our reactions at bay rather than to create extra friction in our lives. Also practice letting go about things so they don't fester and build up inside. All these little practices create good patterns for you and will impact your health positively.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Millions Without Health Care

Wow, I was stunned to read on webmd site that there are over 45 million in the US w/o health care. This is very scary. They discuss how heart attacks are a lot worse for those w/o health insurance. People cannot afford then the types of surgery required for optimal care and need to get care that is not adequate for the seriousness of their condition. For those making less than 25k a year over 24 percent have no health insurance. What is sad about this is that when you make less than 25k you may also be trying to save on food and getting meals that are high in saturated fat and ingredients that may lead to health problems. PLEASE get yourself some quotes here to find a program you can afford. There are low cost plans that will give you some coverage which will be helpful.

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You don't have to get a plan covering everything but protect yourself from common catrastophic situations.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is A High Deductible A Good Idea

When money is tight it is still worth it to get, a health insurance plan. Just choose one with a high deductible and monthly fees are not bad. This is because anything unexpected can come up- for example, you suddenly slip in bathtub, your heart is racing and you need some tests and in-patient treatment, an insect bite requires several follow up visits etc. Don't avoid health insurance but compare them to get something in your budget that will give you security.

Comparing Health Insurance Options

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fl Health Insurance Quote

I was just talking to my friend at Barnes and Nobles on the subject of Fl Health Inurance Quote options. He just decreased his premium by increasing his hospital deductible and eliminating prescriptions. It is important to think out the various factors involved if you decide to reduce your premium. Your stage of life, zipcode and other health condition will help you to prioritize this.

He was saying he feels like a gambler as he doesn't know if he'll be needing prescriptions or not but since he's in good health he believes the only prescription he'll probably be needing could be an antibiotic once or twice a year. Of course nothing is predictable as health problems can suddenly appear without prior warning.
Are you a type that likes risk or security? This is an interesting question.

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I think psychology plays into what we choose for ourselves.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Health Insurance for Small Business

Health insurance for small business is tough to work out. If you are self-employed and work out of your home and belong to an association such as national association for social workers or a national chiropractic group, call them to see what the association rate is. This can be a nice savings as the group purchase has some leveraging power.

Otherwise, it is good to compare rates and keep in mind that it varies from county to county so if you are thinking of moving , check the two locations to see if there is a significant difference in pricing. See what services your family will be needing over the next few years if you are getting a family plan and whether or not a high deductible will work for you.

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If you belong to the chamber of commerce see what they may offer members as well if you are seeking health insurance for small business services such as insurance.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Comparing Health Insurance Carriers

I saw a client Friday that is not working and is falling between the cracks with insurance coverage. We discussed getting a high deductible for now and that is important to have some health coverage as she's in between jobs. Psychologically her ego is also hit hard due to feeling that her job performance was not strong and it will be a problem for the future.

Sometimes it seems like a vicious circle since your self-esteem gets shot when you don't work and then you can't sleep. This effects your immune system and you catch things and your energy is low. Please remember to get exercise and sleep plus eat well even if you don't have that much motivation.

I find this site below good to compare health plans and it's specific to your zip code.

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Don't avoid health insurance even if you feel down. Murphy's law can strike and you may need health care and then you'll be kicking yourself.

I find something good for improving motivation is reading quotes at night before bed.

Health Insurance Tips

Health Insurance Plans, Tips and Suggestions

Choosing a health plan can be nerve wracking. It is hard to know what the features are for each, who the providers are and what works best for your family or yourself. But it is important to have one as having no coverage and ending up in hospital even for a few days can be very expensive.

Recent statistics show that a whopping 60% of all unemployed Americans do not possess health insurance whatsoever. This leaves them and their families at exceptional risk since in the event of a sickness or death, the family would like suffer financial ruin. Health insurance is mostly purchased by those who are employed because of the monthly premiums that are required. Most employers provide some form of insurance for their employees but this can be terminated once the employee is decides to resign or is terminated or laid off.

Comparing plans is a useful way to see what your premiums are, what your deductibles are and make a sound judgment. Please don't try to get by without insurance. But it is important to take care of yourself to avoid developing diseases and it's very useful to eat well and exercise.

Compare Health Insurance Plans