Sunday, November 30, 2008

Preventative Health: Healthy Eating Tips

Have you taken an honest look at your current diet? Would you consider yourself a healthy eater or someone who eats on the run without analyzing? This is an important issue to address. In the US there is so much obesity but even among people at normal weight, the food choices are not always the best. The thing is fatty foods do taste good. But the problem is we get used to having tons of melted cheese on veggies and then we can't eat them at all without cheese! Even salads people add tons of calories to by adding so many croutons as well as fatty dressings. We get so used to fatty foods and sugar that we can't appreciate foods that are more subtle.

The thing is that you don't have to just eat plain brown rice and kale to eat well. You can still eat foods and give them taste. For instance, for Thanksgiving I made a soup that everyone loved. It had butternut squash, apple,onion and chicken broth. I also added curry powder. It was low fat and very tasty. It didn't need melted cheese. (By the way if you really have to melt cheese you can get no fat or low fat cheeses).

Another tasty food that you can have is to make oatmeal in morning but add in toasted almonds, raisins and pieces of apple. This tastes very good and the raisins supply sweetness. You don't need an omlette every morning of 2 eggs and tons of cheese in it.

I saw a therapy client last week who's 14 year old son is going to the hospital for surgery due to gallstones. He lives on high fat she said and actually gets sick if he eats veggies. This is just one danger of a poor diet. Eating well will cut back on your doctor's visits. Remember though you can get a plan with low payments and a high deductible but please get something. She luckily has insurance for her son through his dad, but since she's divorced, she has no insurance for herself. This was a good reminder for her though to get some as the stress in her life is high and her mom had a stroke 5 years older than her current age. You can get a Free Quote for Health Insurance