Monday, September 1, 2008

Millions Without Health Care

Wow, I was stunned to read on webmd site that there are over 45 million in the US w/o health care. This is very scary. They discuss how heart attacks are a lot worse for those w/o health insurance. People cannot afford then the types of surgery required for optimal care and need to get care that is not adequate for the seriousness of their condition. For those making less than 25k a year over 24 percent have no health insurance. What is sad about this is that when you make less than 25k you may also be trying to save on food and getting meals that are high in saturated fat and ingredients that may lead to health problems. PLEASE get yourself some quotes here to find a program you can afford. There are low cost plans that will give you some coverage which will be helpful.

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You don't have to get a plan covering everything but protect yourself from common catrastophic situations.


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