Sunday, February 17, 2008

Comparing Health Insurance Carriers

I saw a client Friday that is not working and is falling between the cracks with insurance coverage. We discussed getting a high deductible for now and that is important to have some health coverage as she's in between jobs. Psychologically her ego is also hit hard due to feeling that her job performance was not strong and it will be a problem for the future.

Sometimes it seems like a vicious circle since your self-esteem gets shot when you don't work and then you can't sleep. This effects your immune system and you catch things and your energy is low. Please remember to get exercise and sleep plus eat well even if you don't have that much motivation.

I find this site below good to compare health plans and it's specific to your zip code.

Free Insur Quote med rectangle

Don't avoid health insurance even if you feel down. Murphy's law can strike and you may need health care and then you'll be kicking yourself.

I find something good for improving motivation is reading quotes at night before bed.

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Jenice said...

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