Thursday, September 4, 2008

Take Care of Yourself to Cut Down on Health Problems

It's important to have health insurance for unexpected situations, but remember that every day you can take steps to build your health. You are precious and should not let the whirlwind of life make you forget getting rest, taking time for yourself and eating good foods. Sometimes we say we'll wait till the weekend or wait till vacation, but the work week is stressful so you need to take care of yourself too during that time. Don't hold your breath waiting for the weekend for sleep, healthy food and self-pampering.

If you are busy during the week, try to take a 20 minute walk some part of the day. It could be at lunch at work or after dinner but try to get that in. Also pack a couple of pieces of fruit to school or work. Take 10 minutes and meditate to get your mind quieter and less caught up in the daily melodramas. This helps to keep our reactions at bay rather than to create extra friction in our lives. Also practice letting go about things so they don't fester and build up inside. All these little practices create good patterns for you and will impact your health positively.

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