Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fl Health Insurance Quote

I was just talking to my friend at Barnes and Nobles on the subject of Fl Health Inurance Quote options. He just decreased his premium by increasing his hospital deductible and eliminating prescriptions. It is important to think out the various factors involved if you decide to reduce your premium. Your stage of life, zipcode and other health condition will help you to prioritize this.

He was saying he feels like a gambler as he doesn't know if he'll be needing prescriptions or not but since he's in good health he believes the only prescription he'll probably be needing could be an antibiotic once or twice a year. Of course nothing is predictable as health problems can suddenly appear without prior warning.
Are you a type that likes risk or security? This is an interesting question.

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I think psychology plays into what we choose for ourselves.

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Andrea said...

I do have heard that increasing the deductible amount tend to lower the policy rate. But is it a nice way to increase the deductible amount to have a cheap policy option. I wanted to know how policy is affected if we increase the deductible. Are there some other ways with the help of which one can have an affordable scheme.
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