Saturday, January 10, 2009

Is Choosing Health Insurance A Low Priority: Should It Be

Unfortunately, with the economy health insurance may seem to be not as important as other factors. And in fact, needing a doctor's visit isn't something that comes up daily like getting food, gas and regular expenses. But the problem is, it comes up when you least expect it.

David Schwegman recently saw a patient with mild kidney problem. It turned out that due to not having follow ups, it elevated his blood pressure and produced a tear in his aorta, a condition that could result in permanent kidney failure and even death. He cautioned people that because you feel good, doesn't mean that there may not be underlying issues. For instance, both high blood pressure and diabetes may not show any symptoms. Colon cancer is also known as the silent killer. Preventative care is important so don't just think of health insurance as something you don't need. Fortunately there are different types and levels of coverage. Please, get yourself something just to have some coverage in case Murphy's Law strikes. It doesn't hurt to get a free insurance quote. Look at what is covered and figure out what works for your budget as companies are dropping prices due to competition.

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