Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Recession and Dating: There Is Still Hope

I found it really interesting to read that dating is increasing despite the recession. The New York Times reported that online dating sites had a very good last quarter in 2008. I think this shows that there is a sense that romantic connections can resolve practical concerns.

Is this an illusion? Well, sharing some of the trials of difficulties is support and helpful. Of course, there are some people that join online dating sites or date to find a pot of gold! But studies are showing that people are more interested in love itself. Love is seen as therapeutic by most people.

Also, it is certainly less expensive to look online than to do bar hopping or joining some of the offline singles groups that match you up. Online you can also get to know someone via e-mail. I think it's important to go into a lot of detail on the profile and not just make it general. Reading about how someone likes the beach, dogs and watching American Idol does not say a lot. Let someone get to know YOU.

Don't avoid dating due to the fear or spending money. Going to barnes and nobles or borders is a great first date and picking up a chai or hot chocolate is very inexpensive. It is good to be in a public place and to not give out your home address to someone you don't know.

There is a new site here that looks interesting. It is free to join so you don't have to get out the credit card: Free Online Dating Site

Oh, don't forget if you want free health samples you can pick them up here:Free Health Samples and Newsletter (No credit card or membership of course!)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Health Tips for the Summer

Hey Guys,

I know it's been a while. I've been running around with work and working on saturdays. With the summer coming, I wanted to remind everyone to use sunscreen. If you are in Florida, this is a necessity! It is easy to overlook it.

Also, I find a simple way to figure out if food is healthy is to look at ingredients and to see if there are trans fatty acids. I check fat grams too and just try to find things under 7 grams or so. Of course, olive oil is good for you!

You can find some free samples here of health products and get their free newsletter at: Free Health Samples and Newsletter . There is no credit card required, membership stuff etc etc. Is it just free.

Also, if you aren't working, don't be discouraged. It can be hard on your moods but try to use this as a time to meditate and also develop new skills. There are a number of 1 year programs like massage therapy that pay well so look at your nearby training centers in your town.

If you are experiencing hardship though and are trying to get a loan, new credit card or to find a used car, sometimes they don't treat you well if your credit is bad. You can check your score for free here. I have found they make mistakes so it's good to know your credit score. You can then write the companies and get them to remove it. Also you lose points if people have checked you out a lot over last year so you can also have that removed too! That can raise you up a bit. You can get a free credit report here that shows you what others see : CLICK HERE for Free Credit Report .

My friend actually got turned down for an apartment rental because her credit score was low. But she found an error that was based on her sister's actions that shouldn't have been there. They have removed it. Remember to do slow breathing and some stretching daily okay?